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A “service” mentality

Brabant’s trade mark!

A “service” mentality

Brabant’s trade mark!service

Service is second nature to Brabant.  It has been fashioned over the generations which have built up the Group.
Nowadays, it has been absorbed in all components of the company and governs our behaviour in our relations - first and foremost with our customers.

It is reflected in our flexibility and our resourcefulness in the various phases of our activities, and, in particular :

LEsprit Service B02

-     to deliver products from our trading and manufacturing activities to our customers in the quantities, expectations and time limits requested and in accordance with their needs,     

-     to examine every opportunity to regenerate all types of solvents,     

-     to put in place “tailor-made” solutions, when necessary, with dedicated processes and installations, to meet specific needs,     

-     to provide the appropriate logistics for each of our services.     




This service mentality is an integral part of our customer culture.  It explains our growth from 1880 and our capacity to continue to meet the expectations of a varied clientele to maximise the handling of their alcohols and solvents while, at the same time, contributing to safeguarding the environment.